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This is a FOREX signal software, help you get a long-term, stable income from the Forex market!
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Forex Signal Lamp v2.1
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The software prompts you to buy or sell through the eight signal lamp. it's very clear, simple, practical. More importantly, the free version is permanently free of charge, you will be zero-cost way to experience the software, without any hidden charges.The professional version will provide a faster update rate of the signal in order for the rapid EA trading for MT4 system. You will easily and long-term, steady to obtain a reasonable income from the forex market.

What's new? An increase of more than 10 kinds of symbol!

This software is suitable for whom?
1, this software suitable individual investors that have a reason able profit expectations for foreign exchange trading, hopes to obtain long-term stable trading income through rational system Trading.

2, Institutional investors that hope hedge the trading risk of traders and reduce labor costs Through the introduction of sound systems trading strategy.


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