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1\ What's the difference compared to the professional version and free version?


2\ How to use the "Forex Signal Lamp" free version for your trading?


3\ How to Use Forex Signal Lamp Professional Edition for automated trading?


4\ How to set the parameters of EA?




Q1: What's the difference compared to the professional version and free version?

A1: The software has Free Edition and Professional Edition in two versions,Upgrade to Professional Edition, you will get a faster signal, more professional features and services. Professional Edition has the following two points different from the free version of:
1, Professional Edition offers the EA system for MT4 platform, to provide a real computer "automatic" transaction capabilities. Although the free version also offers automated trading function, but it is not suitable for short-term trading, and this is just as a demo.
2,Professional Edition provides faster signal update rate To fit the EA system's rapid short-term trading.




Q2:How to use the "Forex Signal Lamp" free version for your trading?

1,This system consists of 16 signal lamps, 8 green lights that long signal,8 red lights that signal short, white means no signal.

2,The more bright Lamp, said the signal is stronger, 8 represents the signal lamp all bright is maximum (The Maximum value can be changed in the "Advanced settings" ).

3,In accordance with this trading system trading, You can follow the number of Lamp to Progressively Opening, and can Progressively closeing when nuber of signal lamp is Reduction. Of course, you can also use a single number of signal lamp as a trading signal to trading.

4,If you refer to high-intensity signal to the transaction,The trading opportunities will be relatively small, but the success rate is relatively high,If you refer to low-intensity signal trading, then the contrary. We recommended the adoption of level-Opening of the methods to control risk, if you are a professional traders .

5, you can set the region to set your alarm in the alarm settings, so that the system will be in the signal to reach the specified value is to give your alarm.(for v1.2)






Q3: How to Use Forex Signal Lamp Professional Edition for automated trading?

A3: Instructions for use about EA system for MT4 platform(EA-expert advisors, that the automated trading systems):
Installation steps:

1, in the "Advanced Settings" tab, select the MT4 installation directory (note: that your computer was already installed MT4 software), The software will automatically install the EA to your MT4's "expert advisors" directory. (note: MT4 - MetaTrader 4, it is a currently very popular in foreign exchange trading platform)

2,Directories are the right choice, and click on "Call MT4" button, the software will call to start MT4 platform.

3,MT4 's "expert advisors" would be more in a place called "Forex_Signal_Lamp" of the EA, Add this EA to the UERUSD chart ( How to use MT4 automated trading functionality, please read the MT4's instructions).

4, now, EA started automated trading, and note that if you are not familiar with this system, or may not be very assured that you can first trade at demo accounts or small live accounts in order to observe the effect of the EA system.




Q4: How to set the parameters of EA?

A4: Under normal circumstances, use the default parameter for EA, the following parameters of the EA specific instructions(note, Only valid for the Professional version):

magic =300000: This parameter is EA's uniquely ID in an MT4 platform , then you no need to consider setting up and modify this value if ,there is no time to run multiple EA in your MT4 system.

LimitedFunds =0: Specified limited funds, "0" means not limited, that is, use the account for all funds, and such as "5000" for 5,000 U.S. dollars.

MaximumRisk = 0.1: The value of the biggest risks that may exist, please do not set a value greater than 1, because it is very risky.

LevelNum = 16: Level number of Progressively Opening, the LeveNum more means more frequent and more small lots trading (Note that, when the position is less than the smallest lots of your account , the system will be unable to trading ) . For this parameter, the basic principle is that the current liquidity of symbol better, more appropriate to set a larger value, Liquidity is weak, then the contrary.(Note: Free version do not set this parameter is greater than 32, because the signal update is not enough fast.)
The calculation of the current lots is: lots = LimitedFunds * MaximumRisk / LevelNum, Please do not make this value smaller than the smallest lots of your account. We recommend that, 16 for EUR / USD, 8 for the other symbol, to free version.

OnlyClose =false: Only close orders, stop to open orders, You can set it to true if you plan to end the current EA to trading , It will close the remaining orders in an appropriate time.

LP=1 : Stop-loss and take-profit size, The system built with intelligent stop-loss and take-profit strategy, Stop-loss by instructions,So, stop-loss price here is just to control risk in your computer and network fails. The default is 1, is a standard stop-loss price, if the 1.1 is a standard 1.1-fold, you can set up bigger if you make sure your computer and network less likely to fail.




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